[In development] A 20ft compact wake surfing boat


  • LENGTH O.A6 m / 19.7'
  • Breadth2.4 m / 7.9'
  • DraftTBA
  • EnginePCM H5DI 355hp Inboard V-Drive
  • Ballastest. 1500 L / 3307 lbs
  • Fuel Capacity106 L / 28 Gal
  • Capacity12 people
  • Max. SpeedTBA

The WAKE-X2 is the compact version of it's larger brother, the WAKE-X1, slated to release in summer of 2019. It has the same options such as wave maker and ballasts but comes in a smaller package with an even lower price point. It is powered by a traditional inboard v-drive engine: PCM H5DI.